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Survey of 22 occupied collapsed buildings (Antonios Pomonis)

Antonios Pomonis
This study by Antonios Pomonis shows the estimated human casualty distribution among the occupants of the 22 buildings that collapsed entirely during the 1995 Neftegorsk earthquake killing approximately 64% of Neftegorsk town's population (population: 3176). The distribution has been estimated by reference to 2 studies quoted in the Documentation tab. The confidence level in the data is high." The earthquake caused the collapse of 17 five-story Reinforced Concrete apartment buildings (of the 1-447C series), with 80 apartments each (1360 dwelling units), as well as 4 apartment buildings with 16 apartments each (64 dwelling units), the town hall, the administration building, a heat generating building, one of the two wings of the school building and a number of shops. The deaths occurred in the 22 residential buildings due to the time of occurrence (00:03 am local time).
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